When do you lose ??

As per convention that historians follow, although I find it and the logic in it severely flawed, battles are remembered according to the ground they were fought on. The place which saw the blood spilled all over it. Panipat to Plassy and Tarain to Haldighati  all the battles follow this.

But is it really that the battle was won or lost in that ground ??

Well NO, it was really won behind the scene in the training ground of each army. History stands live evidence to the fact that best trained armies, over the course of humanity, have won though not always but more than they lost. Be it Haider Ali`s French trained army, which gave British a good run for their money or the English army in battle of Buxar which was severely out numbered by the Mughal alliance.

Perhaps the best example that lies in the books of history, and of course movies, is Sparta. The battle of Thermopylae , a narrow coastal pass in Medditerranean, where a meagre but hard trained army of 300 Spartans fought against mighty Xerxes because they had trained themselves.
So yes, you don`t loose the fight in battle ground you loose it in your own training ground.

Train yourselves well, and like the great king Lionidas said, when their arrows descend upon you and blot your sun, you fight in shade  !!!


You don`t lose in battle ground,
you lose it in training ground,
you dont just lose it on D day,
you lose it in parts, every day,

The day you dont get up on time,
the day you do more pass time,
the day you babble more,
the day you dabble more,

The day you don`t practice the fight,
the day you sleep early in night,
you lose it in your comfort zone,
you lose it when you postpone,

You lose it, when you loose hope,
you lose it, when you cant cope,
you don`t lose it in battle ground,
you lose it in training ground!!!


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