Today I resign from fear !!!

The only thing which has a perfect probability of one is death. All other things lie somewhere between 0 and 1 on scale of probability. The outcome of an event can be favorable or negative, we really dont know. So what is that really keeps us from away from the event.

Well its fear, it kills us before we die. In fact it doesn`t just kills us it, kills the very idea of us. It kills our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations.
The day you kill your fear or at least get rid of it, that is your 15th august 1947 !!!

Fear is not real, still,
it is a limiting factor,
in getting all great things,
that I want to master,

So what fear do I have
fear of death or failure,
or fear of facing rejection?
or fear of not getting perfection,

Whatever it may be,
I should stop fearing fear,
get ready in my boots,
and face it in top gear,

I will bundle up my fear ,
in a hard titanium case,
and throw it in Mariana trench,
or may be deep in space,

Fear is fake and it is faux,
fear is like a deceiving fox,
for once and for all,
let me make a thing clear,
today I resign from fear !!!


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