Either you win or you die a hero !!!

If you choose to fight, either you win or you at least die a hero. So get your gears and do what you are born to do. Life is too small to think too much or wait too much. Big bang says universe is ever expanding and with every moment of wait it takes things further away from you !!!

Break all your shackles,
and cast yourself away,
set yourself to distant land,
where is joy in each grain of sand,

Time to leave behind,
all those choices
and stop paying heed to,
all of those voices,

You are your own captain,
you are your own master,
you are gonna taste victory,
right here and after,

Phoenix in you will rise again,
Phoenix in you will fight again,
It will not hide under excuse,
and make you a zero,
because either you win,
or you die a hero !!


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