Broken Seas -2 !!

The bridge on board his ship was very uncommon. Unlike every other ship, he had everything he wants on bridge. All the state of art machineries and plush interiors. After all it was a megaship worth almost half a billion dollars!!. They even had featured her in a discovery mega structures documentary.

Just as he entered bridge he saw Gonzaga leaning on to ECDIS. He was probably taking DTG and speed readings. Gonzaga was an AB seamen coming from Philippines, they have been put together and their chemistry has been exhilarating.

“How is it” he asked worriedly. Ship has been having reduced speed for last two days. Thanks to strong counter currents in Mediterranean.

“ohh, yes second. It looks good yet. We are making 10.2 Knots” Gonzaga said and moved out making space for him.  He looked at the ECDIS and did some rough mental calculations. They were a few hours short of making their ETA. This voyage has been like their race against time.

“If speed drops below 10 knots call captain “, he remembered it being written in night orders of Old man. The old man was a thin, short and almost bald fellow, with very few hairs on skull. It was like each year old man completed at sea, he gets a hair as prize.

“Thank God” he said with a sign of relief, “Speed is still 10.2, I don’t have to call captain”. Waking captain up at this hour was no less than inviting undesirous tragedies.

…To be continued.


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