Broken Seas – 1 !!

He opened the door and went outside, it was pitch dark. Even a single ray of light wasn’t there, it was as if there is a black hole nearby sucking up all the light. Breeze was nice and gentle just like every other day. Waves hitting against ship side was making nice music as if sea is drumming up the ship.

He looked up high in sky. There were so many stars there, some big some small. For a moment he doubted, if sky too is having a population explosion with stars. It suddenly occurred to him how stars also must be pushing each other to make way for themselves just like back home people do so in Mumbai local.

Looking at the universe, which extended well beyond his horizon into an unknown, he realized how small he and his problems were. How no man can ever be big enough. All men are minute and mortal and they shall remain so, for better or for worse.

Just when he was almost lost in to thinking that suddenly his watch beeped. It was 0300 hrs.

” ohh shit” he murmured,  ” I need to take hourly readings”.

He went back inside the bridge closing the door behind him.

…To be continued


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