Stories from Sea !!!

To this deep blue sky,
whenever I have a look,
to that vast blue sea,
I eventually gets hooked.

No matter how much,
I try myself to stop,
it makes me remember,
how waves used to hop,

Those green dollars,
printed In God we trust,
they were real motivator,
and made month end a must,

That zero polluted oxygen,
the gentle warm breeze,
that mesmerizing aroma,
and the beauty to please,

Sights of sunrise and sunset,
were indeed a priceless thing,
for moments of joy,
that they used to bring,

For many many days,
sea will be nice and calm,
and then one fine day,
it will be no less than bomb,

Those sky high waves,
were no less than ridge,
coming all the way high,
wanting to kiss the bridge,

Boat will seem to get mad,
she will roll and pitch,
and you get so piss off,
that you want to ditch,

Jonny Depp type of piracy,
is now a long gone thing,
Somalian pirates, my friend,
will take on you, a swing,

It takes courage of a man,
to face the winds of gale,
Not every Tom, Dick and Harry,
can plan to go for a sail !!!


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