A letter to myself !!

To my mortal self,
i wanna write a letter,
one which will tells it,
how to live life better,

Those voices from inside,
reverberating in ears,
the ones which i was,
ignoring for years,

It said I have to cover ,
an extra mile everyday,
and that I also have to
practice the fight everyday,

That I am never gonna,
let my dream die,
and I am never gonna
let my heart cry,

That I have to pay heed to,
the music in distant land,
one that lyricizes how,
sea washes away the sand,

That there will come a time,
when sky will fall in my path,
and that I should keep walking
not worry about aftermath,

That I am a true warrior ,
and I am not gonna loose,
for I am not someone who,
needs alternatives to choose,

That I should not worry,
if there is no food, no hope,
for HE will always be ,
there to help me cope !!!


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