The story of my class !!!

Here I write the,
story of my class,
only place where I,
get mentally harass,

Teachers are from Delhi,
coming all the way via flight,
we still sleep in class,
even if lunch was much light,

Many of them teach well
and our interest they ignite
but some just dictate,
and make us to write,

Other are just too cool,
they often don’t care,
how good in final,
UPSC Exam we fare,

Now let’s focus on,
my own classmate,
we have unique samples,
from whole of planet,

There is this tall girl,
I like to name giraffe,
she is so high that,
she can be a flagstaff

Then comes the guy,
who is like Salman bhai,
in his whole body,
flesh is in oversupply,

Then comes the person,
who cracks many joke,
all of his unparralled PJs
seems master stroke,

We also have a guy,
too much in to study
talking to him seems he,
covered everything already,

It is only fair to,
write about that girl,
she is the one who’s
hairs have many curls,

We also have a girl,
who talks a lot sense,
she is always ready to,
give her two cents,

In our class we also,
have a medical practitioner,
the guy is much cool,
like air conditioner,

There are many more,
samples in our batch,
they have qualities, which
I am too naive to catch,

I will conclude this with,
someone young and bright,
she knows too much,
may be she studies all night !!!


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