Living Life !!!

Life is like dice,
that you throw,
and you never know,
what it is gonna show,

Life is like Poetry,
that you inscribe,
all the beautiful things
that you describe,

Life is a puzzle,
you try to decipher,
the harder you try,
it gets more cipher,

Life is a gift,
that you shall treasure,
the value of which,
you just cant measure,

Life is a choice,
that you will make,
and it is a risk,
that you shall take,

Life is a beauty,
that you embrace,
it is a struggle,
that you shall face,

But hey you busy boy,
live life to enjoy,
it is too deep,
to write in few lines,
you shall live it,
breaking all confines,

Forget the meter,
and live it by inch,
and you will see,
that it doesnt pinch !!!


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