Remembering the Revolutionary !!

“Revolution is not cult of bomb and pistol”  He once said. But we branded him terrorist and relegated this true patriot and freedom fighter to the footnote of out national historiography.
These lines are my effort to do my bit for he also said that “Lovers, Lunatics and poets are made of same stuff.”

He was Bhagat Singh !!!

It takes a loud voice,
to make the deaf hear,
he said in assembly,
making the message clear,

A young revolutionary,
who made british fear,
about their own dwindling,
imperial career,

Jailianwala had touched,
his soul and his mind,
he came down on empire,
like stormy wind,

Long live revolution,
was his only pet phrase,
he went on singing this,
through night and days,

He did not believe,
in Gandhi and his path,
although for him revolution,
didnt ask for bloodbath,

He was full of ambition,
and so full of charm,
yet sacrificed it all just,
to protect us from harm,

No one can alter the past,
this is what they say,
but historians somehow,
still found their way,

Forgotting his revolution,
and his secular socialism,
they are happy to call it,
an act of terrorism !!!


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