Still They call it General Study !!

History, Chemistry, Physics and Polity,
IR, Geography and internal security,
Economy, Ecology and Enviroment,
So many subjects make me too complacent,

I dont realise what to go through,
When it comes to read world war two,
Why they opened up so many front,
Only to make the syllabus less blunt,

Modern, Medieval and Ancient,
History is not very transient,
Geography is one subject so limitless,
Made me spent so many nights sleep less,

Polity and parliaments are also not nice,
These are the ones having most vice,
There so many subjects already,
Still they call it General study,

Some one please appraoch the apex court,
UPSC is doing an act to exploit,
It names a subject only to decieve,
An easy way to collect more fees,

More people apply by,
the name of general studies,
Duhh they dont realise,
it requires expertise !!!


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