The Maximum City !!!!

The Maximum city, is what they call it.
For all the the signs that it exhibit.
The city of dreams and the one that never sleeps,
It is a city with garbage in the heaves,

Mumbai is Irony`s own stepchild,
For it has slums and it is engild,
Mumbai is fast, mumbai is slow,
Mumbai is high mumbai is low,

A cycle reaches faster than a car,
Everyone here is a Bollywood star,
The roads see-saw in monsoon,
Very few here have silver spoons,

The sky scrapers overlook the slums,
And the houses collapse as the monsoon comes.
People first act and then think,
There is more water in the pen than ink,

The electricity bill will make you ill,
People cant sleep without a pill,
But this is Mumbai, dont fear,
Just get youself to Bear !!!!!


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