My 30 Things

My Twenty sixth birthday just sneaked up on me. Lately I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve done so far and realized that I’m pretty satisfied with life.
As the famous chinese saying “Be careful of what you wish for” Here is a list of 30 things carefully chosen, things that I like to do before turning 30.

1. Visit the highest manmade structure in world. – Done
2. Click a selfie with a popular actress.
3. Get an apartment on my name.- Done
4. Test drive a Ferrari.
5. Fall in Love.
6. Get a six figure salary. – Done
7. Run A marathon.
8. Inhale Helium and Sulphur Hexaflouride (both separately) and then talk.
9. Learn Cooking.
10. Learn a foreign Language.
11. Start my own blog. – Done
12. Read 30 non curricular books.- On the way
13. Write 30 poems and send them for publishing. – Done
14. Make my currency and coin collection to include at least 100 countries. – On the way
15. Learn to play 3 songs on guitar.
16. Attend a live concert.  Done
17. Watch all the movies in IMDB most meaningful films ever list – On the way
18. Splurge on an Item I technically cannot afford
19.Learn to code at least in One language
20. Have at least 3 4am friends.  – Done
21. Visit the cockpit of an aeroplane. – Done
22. Climb a Mountain. (2000 mts at least).
23. Crack the mother of all exam.  – On the way
24. Spend some time volunteering. – On the way
25. Establish a scholarship in my grandmothers name. –
26. Watch a live Match in stadium.  – Done
27. Do a Adventure sport.
28. Donate Blood.
29. Learn how to fish.
30.Visit a national park. – Done


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