When do you lose ??

As per convention that historians follow, although I find it and the logic in it severely flawed, battles are remembered according to the ground they were fought on. The place which saw the blood spilled all over it. Panipat to Plassy and Tarain to Haldighati  all the battles follow this.

But is it really that the battle was won or lost in that ground ??

Well NO, it was really won behind the scene in the training ground of each army. History stands live evidence to the fact that best trained armies, over the course of humanity, have won though not always but more than they lost. Be it Haider Ali`s French trained army, which gave British a good run for their money or the English army in battle of Buxar which was severely out numbered by the Mughal alliance.

Perhaps the best example that lies in the books of history, and of course movies, is Sparta. The battle of Thermopylae , a narrow coastal pass in Medditerranean, where a meagre but hard trained army of 300 Spartans fought against mighty Xerxes because they had trained themselves.
So yes, you don`t loose the fight in battle ground you loose it in your own training ground.

Train yourselves well, and like the great king Lionidas said, when their arrows descend upon you and blot your sun, you fight in shade  !!!


You don`t lose in battle ground,
you lose it in training ground,
you dont just lose it on D day,
you lose it in parts, every day,

The day you dont get up on time,
the day you do more pass time,
the day you babble more,
the day you dabble more,

The day you don`t practice the fight,
the day you sleep early in night,
you lose it in your comfort zone,
you lose it when you postpone,

You lose it, when you loose hope,
you lose it, when you cant cope,
you don`t lose it in battle ground,
you lose it in training ground!!!

How I wish we shd belong !!!

As the stars belong to sky,
And the eagles to the fly
As the rivers belong to seas
And the clean air to trees

As the light belong to sun,
And the butter to the bun,
Timeless, eternal and ever strong,
That is how I wish we shd belong,

Believe in me like no one else,
You be mine, my is, my was,
I will walk with your side,
Like i never never knew,
Kind, compassionate,
Gentle, tender and true !!

Today I resign from fear !!!

The only thing which has a perfect probability of one is death. All other things lie somewhere between 0 and 1 on scale of probability. The outcome of an event can be favorable or negative, we really dont know. So what is that really keeps us from away from the event.
Well its fear, it kills us before we die. In fact it doesnt just kills us it kills the very idea of us. It kills our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations.
The day you kill your fear or at least get rid of it, that is your 15th august 1947 !!!

Fear is not real, still,
it is a limiting factor,
in getting all great things,
that I want to master,

So what fear do I have
fear of death or failure,
or fear of facing rejection?
or fear of not getting perfection,

Whatever it may be,
I should stop fearing fear,
get ready in my boots,
and face it in top gear,

I will bundle up my fear ,
in a hard titanium case,
and throw it in Mariana trench,
or may be deep in space,

Fear is fake and it is faux,
fear is like a deceiving fox,
for once and for all,
let me make a thing clear,
today I resign from fear !!!

Either you win or you die a hero !!!

If you choose to fight, either you win or you at least die a hero. So get your gears and do what you are born to do. Life is too small to think too much or wait too much. Big bang says universe is ever expanding and with every moment of wait it takes things further away from you !!!

Break all your shackles,
and cast yourself away,
set yourself to distant land,
where is joy in each grain of sand,

Time to leave behind,
all those choices
and stop paying heed to,
all of those voices,

You are your own captain,
you are your own master,
you are gonna taste victory,
right here and after,

Phoenix in you will rise again,
Phoenix in you will fight again,
It will not hide under excuse,
and make you a zero,
because either you win,
or you die a hero !!

My dreams are still not up for any sale !!!

I will let you know,
when I am gonna quit,
when I am enough tired,
of trying to make it,

I will let you know,
when i will surrender,
when I cant live up to,
those dreams any longer,

When all my resources
are gonna run dry,
when I have done,
everything to try,

When I dont have,
any attempts anymore,
when my dreams are,
not tempting anymore,

For now, I am in no haste,
to abandon the dreams,
those are the ones, for which,
I made up some schemes,

I am gonna wait untill,
the coffin gets a final nail,
till then my dreams are,
still not up for any sale !!!

है बेतुकी ये ज़िन्दगी !!

There is no logic in life. Just like all other things out there are in constant state of motion, they also are in constant state of randomness defying all the logic. Thermodynamics says it right, Entropy is real and its increasing.


ऊँची ऊँची बिल्डिगों में,
खोखली सी ज़िन्दगी,
है बृहद महानगरों में,
तुच्छ क्षुद्र ज़िन्दगी,

सच पे पर्दा डालती,
ये झूठी मूठी ज़िन्दगी,
है दिखावटी बनावटी,
ये अटपटी है ज़िन्दगी,

है आश में निराश को,
और धुंध में प्रकाश को,
धकेलती समेटती,
है बेतुकी ये ज़िन्दगी,

जिए चलो ये ज़िन्दगी,
जब तक जहन में जान है,
संभाल कर चलो इसे,
क्यों चित्त परेशान है,

Broken Seas -2 !!

The bridge on board his ship was very uncommon. Unlike every other ship, he had everything he wants on bridge. All the state of art machineries and plush interiors. After all it was a megaship worth almost half a billion dollars!!. They even had featured her in a discovery mega structures documentary.

Just as he entered bridge he saw Gonzaga leaning on to ECDIS. He was probably taking DTG and speed readings. Gonzaga was an AB seamen coming from Philippines, they have been put together and their chemistry has been exhilarating.

“How is it” he asked worriedly. Ship has been having reduced speed for last two days. Thanks to strong counter currents in Mediterranean.

“ohh, yes second. It looks good yet. We are making 10.2 Knots” Gonzaga said and moved out making space for him.  He looked at the ECDIS and did some rough mental calculations. They were a few hours short of making their ETA. This voyage has been like their race against time.

“If speed drops below 10 knots call captain “, he remembered it being written in night orders of Old man. The old man was a thin, short and almost bald fellow, with very few hairs on skull. It was like each year old man completed at sea, he gets a hair as prize.

“Thank God” he said with a sign of relief, “Speed is still 10.2, I don’t have to call captain”. Waking captain up at this hour was no less than inviting undesirous tragedies.

…To be continued.